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artist based in NB, Canada

K A I T L I N  H O Y T

fairytale illustration / creature design

Hi there! I'm an illustrator specializing in colourful, story-driven illustration and creature design. I like to depict scenes of friendship, adventure, and humour featuring whimsical critters both real and imaginary. 


m y  s t o r y

Drawing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I used to create pages of creatures and scribbled storybooks that were crudely stapled together. Enchanted by 90's pop-culture staples like Disney, Pokemon, and Neopets, my work continues to reflect those influences today. 

I was determined from a young age to pursue art professionally, taking on commissions online and from friends and family, but after a semester of a fine arts post-secondary program, I dropped out, confused about where I wanted to go with my art. 

I eventually went back to school to pursue another passion of mine: health and fitness. I enjoyed the program, but knew in my heart it wasn't for me. After graduation I knew I needed to work up the courage and finally commit to being a full-time artist. 

There was one problem, however: I wanted to be a painter, but I couldn't paint! Up until that point I had worked primarily in a digital medium, and I had gotten so comfortable with it that using physical art materials terrified me. So for the entire summer of 2019 I dedicated myself to overcoming that fear and teaching myself to paint. 

For a while I delved into mostly "realistic" paintings of animals, but I battled with not having a sense of purpose. It wasn't until I was approached by Monster House Publishing to illustrate a book of monsters that my love of creature design and children's book illustration bubbled back up to the surface. 

Now, story-telling, bright colours and fantastical critters have become dominant features in my work, and I am thrilled to continue to hone my craft and work with clients who share my same whimsical vision. 

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